Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making a difficult thing just a little bit easier

We’ve come to expect a certain lack of control and a certain discomfort when it comes to flying these days. What with Amber Alerts, quart size zipper bags, and security check points, not to mention endless lines, limited seating, and tedious delays, it is a wonder we still patronize airlines. But it is what it is, and despite the lack of comfort, it beats driving.

Delta is working on changing all that, though, to the tune of examining the entire travel experience and taking suggestions for things to change (check out to pitch your new idea, or leave me a comment and I’ll send it along).

Can gourmet cocktails and HBO in the seatback make that much of a difference? And will these new frills mean higher fares? It seems to me that most airlines already offer First Class. Is Delta planning to expand that level of service to all tickets?

It is an exciting time to watch airlines. With the challenge of making (and keeping) customers happy amid all of the inherent problems and rising prices, it is good to see someone taking a stab at real change.

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