Monday, July 02, 2007

Tales from a Traveling Innovator: Sunday, July 1

The following entries are a collection of some notes from my drive from Chicago to Boise...

Patriotism nearly overwhelms you as you approach Mt. Rushmore, especially the week of July 4th. It’s bigger than I expected, not to mention more accessible and visible. Read more about this national monument at

The story of the sculptor is even more inspiring. (When you think this job of “brand innovating” is tough, read this.

The thrill of a driving trip outside the confines of the city and the flatlands of the Midwest. Here’s a couple of highway features we don’t see much: sharp curves and a tunnel.

It may cliché to say that “pictures don’t do it justice.” But the mountains, lakes, rivers, and trees of Yellowstone are indescribable. Artists and photographers better than us have tried to capture it. John Steinbeck attempted it in his travelogue “Travels with Charley.” So in my travels with Fremont, we simply tried to take it all in.

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