Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tales from a Traveling Innovator, Monday, July 2

The following entries are a collection of some notes from my drive from Chicago to Boise...

Well, we’re on day 4 in the car. While we haven’t had any meltdowns yet, we are definitely “ready to be there.” When you see a sign that says Boise is only 118, a sigh of relief comes. Plus, the speed limit has been 75 mph for most of four states, so we’re really movin’.

We’ve had some great gourmet meals on the trip – since with Fremont we could not go inside any place to eat. Only the finest McDonald’s chicken strips, Dairy Queen burgers, and Sonic Drive-In. Even though it was on special, we just couldn’t imagine eating the Extra Long Cheese Coney in the car.

Wow, dinosaur branding is not extinct yet, huh. This is the third example I’ve seen lately. We have Bronto, the email blast service (does that mean big and slow). There’s the dino bone sculpture in the United terminal B (clearly the symbol of a dying airline). And now I see Sinclair gas stations are not dead yet. How ironic to see them on a cross-country road trip, because I remember them from our family station wagon trips in the early ‘70s. You know, when gas was about 25 cents and thought the OPEC countries were ripping us off.

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theactivelistener said...

Hey Brand Innovator OnTheGo:
I am finding your interstate stream of consciousness about how we are surrounded by the brands of our lives to be quite interesting. The pictures of our national treasures aren't bad, either, including those of Fremont, (who himself is ultimately the brand derivative of other famous pioneers/explorers, John Charles & Jesse Fremont?) Thanks for opening my eyes to the ubiquity of marketing all around us and opportunities for innovation.
If you haven't seen it, thought you'd like to check out today's article in the NYT about the Prius--everything that we've said about the Prius vs. the Honda hybrids...all have function and utility, Prius has brand!
Have fun onthego.