Thursday, July 19, 2007

Everybody gonna dance around tonight

Look......even the guy who helped create the modern era of music can stay open to the changing demands of the industry. I'm talking about Paul McCartney. He has remained a leader partly by being adaptive. And his latest album, Memory Almost Full, shows that the ex-Beatle is still rockin' at the head of his own pack.

But I am not speaking just of McCartney's musical innovation. In fact, I am referring more to the decision to release his album on iTunes and CD. The legendary musician also tied his star to Starbucks' new Hear Music label, breaking a 40-year relationship with EMI.

How might this move affect the future of the music industry? Well, it seems to mainly be a test for perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to music - the release of Beatles music for download. Would that be the signal for the start of a new era of music?

Now if they could just get Metallica to go download, we'd be set.

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