Monday, March 18, 2013

N-of-8 application: Exposing unexpected global challenges and opportunities

By its nature, research in health, science, and technology dictates thinking outside the “box” in new and creative ways, seeking fresh perspectives and continuously tapping new innovations for cost-effective and environment-friendly products.

Medical research goes hand in hand with the advent of globalization in the economy, commerce, and societal trends and values. International collaboration in medical research will create fertile conditions for research innovations, understanding, and common solutions to common problems.

The basic logic of N-of-8 New Product Conception applies branding excellence at the international level that is compatible with the global research cooperation in research, development, and scientific activities.

Using N-of-8 should mean that significantly greater financial resources and human intellectual talent can be concentrated on solving the most significant health problems – and increase the timely application of new approaches that would reduce morbidity and mortality in the most significant numbers worldwide.

Obviously, yet importantly, in today’s real-time knowledge sharing, an N-of-8 approach can give a brand team in multiple markets simultaneous access to new product ideas to address similarly demands and issues – motivating the team to more global integration,  more competitiveness, and greater sustainability in product usage.

To work towards creating such vision, N-of-8 can:

Create enabling procedures – the frameworks for research that take into consideration the global market in fostering innovations. Enabling procedures take into consideration the mobility of scientists across borders.

Mobilize human capital – to focus both scientists and marketers, strengthening their collaborative capacity.  Idea generation with cultural competency and sensitivity can lead to successful cross-cultural collaboration.

Build collaboration mechanisms and joint programs – to clearly define goals and processes that lower barriers to product development and enhance synergy.

Systematically address the main barriers that are often issues that lead team down “blind alleys” and block the discussion and dissemination of new ideas and prototypes.  N-of-8 can promote global standardization and harmonization of research knowledge.

Improve idea management and sharing – with a model, tools, and structure for global brand development, creating common standards for documentation and collaboration practices.

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