Friday, March 01, 2013

How would you compare and contrast “closed loop” marketing e-platforms?

I'm working on an unbiased appraisal of the features, advantages and limitations of “closed loop” marketing e-platforms.

Closed Loop Marketing refers to a loop of two-way messaging with customers. Marketing messages and materials are pushed to the customer based upon insights on customer preferences, or accessed in a self-service model. Based on data gathered during the interaction, a cycle of continuous improvement is enacted; for example enhanced knowledge about the customer and customer preferences allow us to refine the message or content to improve subsequent interactions.

When the insights gained during a customer interaction are used to make a change in the sales and marketing approach in order to improve a subsequent interaction, the loop is closed.

CLM is about building relationships using data gleaned from customer interactions through various communication channels to support the continuous refining of relationships. The selection of the channel should be driven by customer preference and/or receptivity. A secondary benefit of closed loop marketing is an improved customer database and refined segmentation including behavioral attributes.

Closed Loop Marketing can operate at many different levels of sophistication. As knowledge about the customer increases, the content becomes more and more relevant based on our ability to adapt the channel, content, message, or other preferences.

I’d be interested in your experiences with these customer interactions for closed loop marketing:

  • Face-to-face
  • Remote
  • eDetailing
  • Web sites
  • Self-service content libraries
  • Call centers
  • Internet (including on-line ordering)

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