Tuesday, October 04, 2011

4 primary performance objectives of a Global Key Account Manager

The number of companies establishing and implementing international procurement strategies is increasing rapidly in today’s competitive marketplace. 

To facilitate our clients success in this market environment, we have supported the approach of Global Key Account Management approach. 

As with most large companies, our clients’ brands are used worldwide in life science research and medical treatments.  While the products’ features remain a vital core of the sales process, now customer-focused applications – with unified services and solutions – are more integral to improving our customers’ efficiency, thereby reducing unnecessary overhead, costs, and delays.

In the role of Global Key Account Manager, one would be responsible for building and maintaining customer relationships at multinational life science companies, pharma and biotech corporations, and integrated health delivery networks.  The manager drives the cooperation and coordination of sales, technical support, and customer service to deliver on behalf of international customers with sites around the globe.

The right person will develop business development plans and sales programs to fulfill customers’ research needs, in order to open new opportunities and obtain increased sales from global accounts.

The Global Key Account Manager might have four primary performance objectives:
  1. Develop business relationships with senior management of global key customers and develop global account strategies, in conjunction with sales and marketing management. 
  2. Create awareness of the company and its broad product portfolio across global organizations – and educate internal teams on the research, disease, and commercial interests of the customers.
  3. Build and improve cross-location relationships among global customers – together with the company’s market managers of local sales, marketing, and technical support 
  4. Analyze and report information gathered in customer contacts in preparation for account roadmaps, call reports, and use of CRM tools to track:
-      Customer annual volume
-      Consistent pricing levels
-      Standardized product specifications
-      Timing or scheduling of product usage
-      Number of orders placed and by what mechanism
-      Optimized size of orders and shipments
-      Stocking, packaging, and special requirements
-      Number and location of delivery sites
-      Sales call frequency and customer service follow-up
-      Purchasing and payment procedures and terms
-      Future potential and synergy with other products

The skills and characteristics of a successful Global Key Account Manager may include:

·    Expertise in analyzing, understanding, documenting, and communicating customers’ global capabilities, processes, and resources
·    Experience in creating global customer strategies and defining critical success factors
·    Ability to leverage internal company capabilities and resources across multiple locations
·    Mastery in reaching cross-functional agreement on a process to execute strategic customer plans

The background of a Global Key Account Manager should include proven:

·     Commercial awareness
·     Business performance to objectives
·     Advanced sales and marketing techniques
·     Business strategic planning
·     Financial, pricing, and contracting acumen
·     Interpersonal skills with senior level managers

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