Wednesday, September 07, 2011

HEALTH MEGA-TREND #1: Consumers acting more holistically in pursuit of well being

For 75% of consumers across 17 countries and 4 regions, "maintaining or improving health" has become more important to them in the 2 years since Datamonitor's last report on Developments in Global Consumer Trends.

Its recent survey shows that more than 40 health-driven trends influence consumer lifestyles and product choices globally.  Plus, it considers the implications and opportunities for industry players.

TREND #1: Consumers are acting more holistically in the pursuit of general well being

This means consumers are taking more self-responsibility for their health.  And it’s likely that health is set to stay at the top of the agenda for the years ahead.  Consumers are adopting a broader “wellness” orientated lifestyle.  Which means the pursuit of wellness & well being is best thought of not as a trend in its own right, but as an umbrella of related trends and behaviors that must be reflected in products and marketing.

I’ll continue to post on the 10 mega-trend reports outlining the most important issues shaping global consumers' buying behavior both now and in the future.  The reason is I share the belief that good trend-watching is about taking the bigger-picture approach. Adopting a broader global perspective to trend-tracking facilitates better decision making by overcoming “category myopia.”

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