Saturday, September 10, 2011

77 Belmont Bus tour -- from Kimball to LSD

Save the double-decker bus
for the tourists.
The 77 lets you see
the real Chicago.

when I took Melanie there
to buy jeans as a teenager,
I thought it was a million miles
from civilization.
Then, we moved here
and passed it every day.

Honey Bak
-- the best part of the ham

One of neighborhood cops,
we used to see at the dog park
early in the morning.
Tragic story of how he died.

Western Ave @ Belmont
-- I used to be the Mayor
of this corner
on FourSquare

If love heels
-- and you wear a size 14 --
this is where you shop

the only kind of tattoo
you wanna get
-- the goodkind

the first "office"
home of SBI

If you don't know it,
I can't explain it.

always make me think of
our friends and exchange students,
Jorgelina and Julian,
who loved this place.

Clark and Belmont
Dunkin' Donuts
-- the center of the universe
on any Saturday night.

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melanie said...

this made me very happy :)