Monday, September 05, 2011

Catarina Tagmark, Global Head of Corporate Brand at Siemens, speaks on “Answers that last”

At World Brand Congress 2011, Catarina Tagmark will share how Siemens is transforming its branding practice just as it is transforming the business, through building trust and deliver answers that last.

Catarina Tagmark is the global head of corporate brand for Siemens, based in Munich, Germany.

Here’s her perspective on the challenges of today and tomorrow that are technological in nature, and how society is looking to technology companies like Siemens to find answers:

“We live in challenging times: increasing urbanization, climate change, new demands for industrial productivity and affordable healthcare, under changing political, ecological and economical conditions - all at the same time.

Technology is a part of today's lifestyle. It's integrated into products and services, the environments in which we live and work, people and behaviors and in communications. Technology has transformed how we interact as human beings, and vice versa, how we interact is reshaping our technology. In the increasing complexity of solutions, the decision-making is shifting towards brands as hallmarks of trust.

As a technology company, Siemens has a responsibility to use its technological competence, its innovative thought leadership and engagement in the most crucial aspects for society (health, energy, city planning) and combine it with its international presence, to work with the problems that the world is facing today and create answers that last for the world of tomorrow. Siemens brand work has a central role in giving this responsibility a voice, stating where Siemens want to go and adding value for the company’s stakeholders.”

After starting her career as a chemical engineer in the Swedish pharmaceutical company Pharmacia in 1986, Catarina three years later joined the marketing function. By 2001, she had progressed to Vice President Brand Communications in what had become Amersham Biosciences after a series of mergers.

When GE acquired Amersham in 2004, Catarina moved to the UK to lead the healthcare business’ Olympic Games sponsorship. This was followed by responsibility for GE brand management in all countries outside the US, based in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2009, Catarina left GE and founded a consultancy company – Engavility - together with a group of former colleagues, and helped organizations grow their business through brand, marketing, and communications activities.

From July 2010, Catarina works at Siemens global headquarters in Munich, Germany, as head of corporate brand. In this capacity, she leads brand definition, expression, implementation and monitoring for Siemens master brand across all markets.

As it was when I first attended in 2008, the World Brand Congress will be the single largest rendezvous of best brains behind some of the world's most successful and sought after brands.  The Congress to be held November 24-26 in Mumbai, India is a meeting place for leaders from every sector and continent, with more than 500 of the world's branding and marketing elite under one roof.

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