Tuesday, November 02, 2010

6 top blog posts of the last 3 months

Every now and then, I look back to see what some of the favorite blogs have been.  And I try to review what we’re posting to learn what readers like might be interested in.

Here are a few top entries of the last three months:

Pharmaceutical Executive called biosimilars “this decade’s most disruptive technology.”  I wrote about 4 building blocks for a biosimilars strategy.

Patient access was the leading messaging focus for the majority of 2009’s best-selling prescription drugs.  And I connected you to a PharmaVoxx analysis of promotional activity for the top 20 pharmaceutical brands by revenue.

I considered the implications of “open innovation” on our mission at Stinson Brand to accelerate the adoption of new medical treatments. It’s worth going back to watch the video with MIT Professor Eric von Hippel.

I shared 2 words to improve your margin: raise price.  Read the review of The Art of Pricing by Rafi Mohammed.

I recalled flying on a late night flight from LAX to SFO.  Also on the plane was David Gergen, CNN senior political analyst and advisor to 4 US Presidents. You always imagine what you’d talk about sitting next to someone like Mr. Gergen (or if he’d just sleep on the plane, like I do).

I featured a great illustration of Noggin – a beautifully named brain protein that acts as a BMP antagonist. Exercise, says Dr. Jack Kessler, through a complex interplay with Noggin and BMP, helps to ensure that neuronal stem cells stay lively and new brain cells are born.

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