Friday, September 17, 2010

20 top pharma brands & their promotional activity

The competitive intelligence research company PharmaVoxx has analyzed the promotional activity of the top 20 pharmaceutical brands by revenue, as ranked by Med Ad News.

Patient access was the leading messaging focus for the majority of 2009’s best-selling prescription drugs. Eleven of the top 20 brands devoted the highest percentage of their promotional activity to patient access, according to an analysis conducted by PharmaVoxx, a competitive intelligence research company. PharmaVoxx defines patient access as messaging/content related to reimbursement, formulary coverage, patient access/support programs, drug costs, co-pays, and savings offers.

The PharmaVoxx database is comprised of detailing aids, promotional literature, branded merchandise and electronic communications collected from a diverse and geographically dispersed panel of healthcare providers. Promotional material and online content is also systematically collected from a broad range of medical conferences, publications, manufacturer-sponsored programs and Internet.

Each item in the PharmaVoxx database is carefully cataloged by drug, key subject matter, audience and source, in addition to other identifying data. This thorough cataloging enables quantitative analysis of messaging focus, target audience and distribution channels as well as other parameters.

Key Subject Matter Descriptions:

Efficacy - related to the effectiveness of a product. Efficacy must be related to the indication(s) for which the product is approved

Safety - related to safety, tolerability, adverse events. This does not include black box warnings and safety information sections required by the FDA

Other Benefits - related to the benefits of a drug, but are not a primary measure of the drug's efficacy. This may include quality of life benefits, convenience, reduction of risk, compliance etc

MOA - related to the mechanism of action of a product. The content must be specific and scientific in nature

Patient Access - related to reimbursement, formulary coverage, patient access/support programs, drug costs, co-pays and savings offers

Comparison - content that makes a direct comparison between two or more named products

The topline of the PharmaVoxx analysis is available for download. Click here to download.

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