Friday, May 14, 2010

9 new functional navigation and design features of Total Sleep™ online brand experience

The team at Stinson Brand Innovation rebranded and relaunched Total Sleep.

The new site offers background information on sleep apnea and why treatment is important. And, it gives the patients a practical 9-step guide that details what to expect at a Total Sleep lab. For health care professionals, it outlines the company’s clinically validated approach to the screening, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders branded as Total Sleep Management™.

Most health care organizations specializing in sleep disorders focus on either the diagnosis or treatment portion of care. Total Sleep™ is unique in that it combines both elements to enhance patient care and outcomes, ensuring their patients have an opportunity to “sleep well.”

Now, offers:
  1. Clean, dynamic homepage
  2. Three unique user pathways
  3. “Schedule an appointment” form 
  4. Real-time sleep health screening questionnaire
  5. Nine-step “sleep well experience”
  6. “Find a sleep lab near you” interactive map
  7. Downloadable patient forms 
  8. “Refer a patient” form
  9. Downloadable screening and diagnostic tools
Daryl Risinger, Total Sleep vice president of sales and marketing, said, “We’re very pleased with the distinctive verbal and visual messaging of the new site. We’re confident the new is an improved platform for addressing the questions and needs of all our constituencies while providing tools for better screening and testing.”

Total Sleep is a sleep diagnostics and therapy organization committed to improving s the quality of life and attaining superior clinical outcomes for those suffering from sleep disorders. Total Sleep Management™ is a comprehensive disease management program which utilizes an algorithmically driven model to incorporate diagnostic testing, prescribed therapy, and outcomes reporting. Since 1993, Total Sleep has completed more than 250,000 sleep studies and operates more than 70 Joint Commission accredited labs throughout the United States, providing health care providers with unparalleled service and patients with improved outcomes. More information is available at

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