Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nikon Ashton’s COOLPIX - The COOLPIX Touch Panel OLED provides fingertip shooting control

I don’t know anyone who didn’t want to try Tom Cruise’s virtual desktop interface in the film Minority Report, and the new Nikon COOLPIX web site has us one step closer to that dream. The Virtual Touch Experience allows simple navigation without a keyboard or a mouse. The site enables your web camera in a way that allows you to control, explore and manipulate your photo libraries on the site with various hand gestures. You simply wave your hands or move your fingers to interact with elements on the screen. These hand gestures are very similar to what you would exercise on the COOLPIX camera touchscreen, which is amazingly similar to the ones you use on the iPhone.

Another feature that stands out is the option to sync this technology for use on other sites like Flickr through a simple bookmark. It’s a really nice tie-in from the product to the interactive experience and it creates exposure to the camera’s functionality without ever having one.

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