Wednesday, December 30, 2009

8 favorite blogs of 2009 that deserve another look

Like so many writers, I go into year-end list-making mode because looking back is actually a creative adventure for me.

So without worrying a lot about balance or weightiness, here are some of the postings this year that really excited me, instructed me, motivated me — even though by definition, blogs may have the lifespan of a snowflake.
  1. Do smarter patients create cheaper care? To get more information to patients, advocates are pushing to change the incentives in the healthcare system.  A Washington state law, for instance, mandates demonstration projects in shared decision-making and raises malpractice protections for doctors who use the approach.  Other ideas include adding reimbursements for the decision-making process itself or paying a flat rate for an episode of, say, back pain, regardless of the treatment. The field is also expected to get a boost from new comparative effectiveness research. The Obama Administration is now pumping $1.1 billion into trials that will compare treatments. What do you think will drive shared decision-making:  politics, economics, or good medicine? 

  2. Ways to Make Your Personal Brand “Indispensable."  In the turbulent, toss-about world of work in America, all kinds of people are worried about their positions. Who among us hasn't seen a helpful, smart, hard-working person get laid off? Being let go is not for last-place performers anymore. Everyone is at risk. Can you avoid this? You can sure try. While no one may guarantee you a job these days, here are five tips from the Harvard Business Review on making your personal brand indispensable.

  3. Ask for – and get – what you want. Good things come to those who ask! Asking for what you need is probably the most underutilized tool for people. And yet, amazing requests have been granted to people simply because they've asked for it!

  4. Berinert approved by FDA to treat abdominal attacks, facial swelling associated with hereditary angioedema. The first treatment for acute abdominal attacks and facial swelling associated with a rare and potentially life-threatening genetic disease called hereditary angioedema (HAE).

  5. Core elements of our Ethos of Learning.  In our company’s first 5 years, I’ve learned about the importance of a culture based on learning. Together, these elements make learning more stimulating, vibrant, motivating, fun, challenging, and rewarding. We face challenging times, so we strive to help our team members to be proactive and innovative about learning.

  6. Basics of a personal brand story. Purpose, truth and action are three basic elements of a brand story. Beyond brands, these are three fundamentals of a personal story, too.  So as our teams at Stinson Brand Innovation are working on several new N-of-8® brand story development projects these days, it’s also a good time to analyze our own stories.

  7. Great sites on our tour of Tokyo. We had a wonderful local guide who helped us navigate the streets and subways – and even took us “behind the scenes” in a few places. Junko Matsuda was a fantastic hostess to us in Tokyo. She was more than just a tour guide; it was like spending a day in the city with a friend. She even took us to a great little neighborhood place for sushi.

  8. The Great Disruption demands we make innovation a strategic priority: now is the time for N-of-8. The world of innovation is going through important changes. Entrepreneurs and corporate innovators will continue to introduce disruptive innovations that transform existing markets and create new ones. In fact, the Great Disruption demands that companies make innovation a strategic priority. . .or suffer the consequences.

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Mark Stinson said...

Hi - just learned that we had some 13,400 views of our blog this year.

I'm very grateful for the readership, and now inspired to create even more relevant content for the coming year.

Thanks, Mark