Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4 core elements of our Ethos of Learning

Learning and sharing experiences are at the heart of everything we do at Stinson Brand Innovation.

In our company’s first 5 years, I’ve learned about the importance of a culture based on the core elements of a:
  • Learning atmosphere: with mutual respect, diversity of ideas, and practical guidance
  • Learning channels: interconnecting media of information and development tools
  • Learning responsibility: personal strategic plans to raise expectations, knowledge, and performance
  • Learning partnerships: cooperating with clients, partners, vendors, and medical consultants.
Together, these elements make learning more stimulating, vibrant, motivating, fun, challenging, and rewarding. That’s why we feel so strongly in this Ethos – because it helps us support each other in the exploration and creation of new ideas. Having a positive, productive attitude to learning is crucial to success both as a company and as creative individuals. Recognizing we face challenging times, we strive to help our team members to be proactive and innovative about learning.

That’s the essence of our company’s Ethos.

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