Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rx#2 for end of year 2009

I went back to read a few blogs of 2009, just to see what I’d written, think about why I’d chosen these topics, and consider whether they still had relevance.

I smiled when I read “1/1/2009 – and no more pens, pads, or mugs!”

It’s so very tempting to complain of a tough year or place blame on guidelines, government, the economy, regulators, and others. Yet, I still feel a sense of gratitude.

I am mostly still the same creative “innovator” (except I turned 50 this year and have a year’s worth of experiences that have certainly affected me in ways both subtle and profound).

At this year’s end, I think about the opportunities and gifts I’ve received that will change my new year. Ones that will change the way I see the world, and maybe how the world sees me. Receiving what you asked for is both thrilling and terrifying. I am up for the challenge. I am ready. But mostly, I am filled with hopeful gratitude.

Looking back, it both seems as if it flew by and seems as if it is a long-distance run.

So on this last day of 2009, as we do every week at our office, I offer an Rx#2 to my staff, my clients, my friends, and most of all my family.

One writer for The Year of Gratitude project expressed it best when she wrote:

“Simply by the act of saying, Thank you, I am released from old demons. I am unchained from fear and worry. From the comfort of my couch where I am snuggled under a throw while the wild wind rushes over and across the mountain ridge, whips the bare branches, pushes against my log house, from this place of security I sigh as if an old dog on a porch and breathe out, Thank you. Does it matter who or what I give thanks to? No, it is only important that I breathe in the air and breathe out the gratitude.”

Looking forward to whatever comes our way next.

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