Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 animals at Zoo Boise “branded” in naming contest

On Sunday, we took grandson Marshall to the zoo in Boise. All the animals were great, but especially two of the animal "kids" who were recently named.
  • The red panda cub now was named Syringa, the winning name in a contest sponsored by Zoo Boise and radio station Mix 106. The name represents the Idaho State Flower. Syringa is one of only twelve surviving cubs born in the United States in 2008. A live feed of the red panda den is also available here. The red panda camera is courtesy of Serenity Retreat, Fiberpipe, iBeam Cameras and Darlene Gould. As part of the red panda Species Survival Program, the cub is scheduled to move to the Erie Zoo in Erie, PA.
  • The young Grevy’s zebra has been given the name of Hope by students from Adams Elementary School. Hope is currently being introduced to the zoo’s other Grevy’s zebra, Wyatt. After their introduction is complete, the zebras will slowly be introduced to the giraffes, creating one large, multi-species exhibit.
Located in beautiful Julia Davis Park, in the heart of Downtown Boise, Zoo Boise is one of the most popular attractions in Southern Idaho – as well as a living science facility that is home to over 201 animals from 83 various species. Zoo Boise is a community treasure where nearly 300,000 annual visitors of all ages (like Marshall and us) can learn about our natural world and the importance of protecting and preserving it for generations to come.


Michelle said...

It's amazing how much this zoo has grown over the past couple years. Looks like you both had a lot of fun!

Barb said...

Love the pictures.....