Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Picks for Top Tech Websites

Looking for a website to feed the tech side of your brain?

Kevin Periera, host of Attack of the Show! gave Spirit magazine his top 3 picks for best tech-oriented websites:

Best How-to Site:

Learn how to turn your digital Olympus into a time-lapse camera at this site, the blog for Make magazine. As the name suggest, the blog offers instructional articles on making tech-related projects and other creations, like a set of wind chimes constructed out of your old removable hardware drives.

Best Companion Site:

Apple has built a considerable fan base for their products, and many of those Macophiles flock to Tuaw, the “unofficial Apple weblog.” You can find rumors on the latest Apple gadgets and apps, tips on how to use your products, and software reviews posted with a professional, yet fun, slant.

Best News Site:

Get the inside scoop at this blog, run by Michael Arrington, named one of the 25 most influential people on the Web by BusinessWeek. TechCrunch profiles new Internet products and companies, offering everything from news on site launches to CEO gossip to tutorials on useful services like Del.izzy.

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