Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 Trends for Brand Advertising in 2009

Everyone knows the economy is bad right now. Brand marketers are finding ways to cut back and save money in any way. So what kind of advertising should we expect to see in 2009?

Already we are seeing a shift in advertising. Big name brands like Microsoft, Burger King, and Dunkin’ Donuts are taking direct aim at their competitors, which is a marketing technique deployed more frequently in a downturn. Campaigns are more aggressive, yet the ad pitches themselves will be less lavish and glamorous.

Here are ten trends Advertising Age reports that you can expect to see this year:

1. Short and Sweet: TV ads will emphasize how a purchase will cost you less, and the message will be communicated in less time.

2. Less Glitz: Pricey, glitzy production will be rare.

3. Ads that Watch You: Face-reading technology is here—which will enhance and better align creative advertisers to communicate and connect to their consumer

4. Ad People…Like: People will see more and more advertising they actually like and seek out.

5. Ivy League Approval: Well respected universities in the U.S. will lend credibility to brands in need like financial institutions and automobile manufacturers—because they will suddenly need additional revenue streams as well.

6. Online Tracking: Innovations in location-based services and mobile-phone applications will give consumers more services.

7. Video Explosion: Video will increasingly show up on anything that doesn’t move and even some things that do, on cell phones, buses, elevators, fast food restaurants, billboards, and of course, the internet.

8. Smart Ads: People’s growing ability to gather and store information while out and about it critical and necessary for their purchase decisions and the ads will increasingly cater to new information-gathering behaviors.

9. No Banner Year: Banner ads will be the new junk mail.

10. Seeing Red: If you were paying attention to the Christmas lights this year, you know red will be the next big color in advertising taking the throne from orange.

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