Monday, August 18, 2008

A Two-day Challenge to Start the Week

Here’s a challenge I received...and I thought I’d share it in case you’d like to join me.

It’s a simple challenge where everyone wins (you and those around you). No real risk exists and it requires no additional time.

Within the next three weeks, set a two-day period as your days to inspire others – two days where you'll put on blinders to anything negative and be the one in the office whom everyone else can count on for words and actions that inspire and encourage. Two days where you're the light for other people – your colleagues, your prospects, your customers.

Allow nothing negative and focus only on how to serve your prospects and customers.

Once you set your two days, fully commit to the effort regardless of the inevitable challenges, regardless of the weather (please... never the weather). Fall off the inspirational horse at 2:11 on the first day? Get back on at 2:12 – no excuses. Two days. Be tough.

My mentor, Ed Foreman, taught me years ago that you wake up every day with an choice for your daily attitude. Challenges will come up regardless.

Choose the positive attitude and formally commit to spreading it for two days. Not only will it be contagious, it might become a personal habit – a personal habit that motivates you.

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