Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great ideas DO come from anywhere

The reach of our company’s offices is something I’ve been contemplating lately.

I’m out in the Boise office this week. We’ve been talking about how to expand our Philadelphia presence. Our work with Rekmar in Istanbul, Turkey is growing.
And opportunities on the West Coast keep presenting themselves.

So it was timely that I read this from the AAF (American Advertising Federation):


They’re oblivious to their surroundings.

They resent the implication that they’d be better off if they lived in a major metropolitan area.

They refuse to believe the they’re any less important then ideas that reside in some ivory tower on the corner of Superior and Smug.

Great ideas are not impressed with an iconic skyline or a famous avenue.

They don’t care if they were born in a corner office or the corner of a cubicle.

Great ideas can come from anywhere.

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Patrick said...

Ideas big and small often do come from anywhere. Handling ideas with care is where the art of innovation and responsiveness comes in.