Thursday, February 28, 2013

N-of-8: Back to basics

It’s a good time to recalibrate our tools.  In this post, I will address the basic questions about N-of-8.

What is N-of-8 ?
A creative facilitation model using a diverse group of 8 individuals

Who does N-of-8 ?
An innovation team led by a trained group moderator

When is N-of-8 used?
  • Customer insight and involvement: to engage key opinion leaders who will most influence future practice. 
  • Product claims and messaging:  to see how your story can be told from multiple viewpoints. 
  • New product and service creation: to help brand teams understand and compare current usage – and then create ideas to solve known customer problems, and even expose new ones. 
  • Mission and strategy articulation: a way that leaders press forward and convey the big picture.
How N-of-8 is different:
Not just for “coming up with ideas,” but also for assessing and planning to put them into action

Where is the difference of N-of-8 meaningful to the brand?
Opportunity and structure to create new processes, products, and services

Why is the difference of N-of-8 relevant to the brand team?
Innovation outcome can be measured in financial results, marketing differentiation, and image acceleration

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