Tuesday, October 16, 2012

83 Gallery event with Colors & Bottles: inspiring the creative side of my brain

I really enjoyed my most recent painting event with Colors & Bottles held at 83 Gallery in the Short North district of Columbus.

This was my third time, and it keeps inspiring the creative side of my brain.

During this event, there was a specific painting taught by our instructor, Ratnamala, who is quite encouraging.

So when I wanted to interpret the painting in my own style, she said “whatever you wish,” then shared some tips to make me feel comfortable with my technique.

Colors & Bottles mission is to offer a relaxed, welcoming, stress-free, social art experience for anyone and everyone of all skill levels. Certainly that’s been how I’ve felt -- comfortable, social, no-pressure, encouraging, and entertaining.

It was great to meet and talk with Jessica Burley, founder and president of Colors & Bottles.  She is the heart, passion, drive and determination behind its success.

“I wanted to start an organization that not only offered an artistic stress outlet for people but I wanted to structure my business in a way that could create jobs for Artists and Art lovers,” Jessica says. “The idea of hosting events in various hip locations was a perfect, yet fun, solution to help support and grow local communities. This idea allows for our host small businesses to get people in their door to market, sell and promote their products. We truly believe that if everyone supports each other and works together than we can all help build strong, successful and happy communities.”

Colors & Bottles is now in 9 cities nationwide and employs 137 artists and contractors.

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