Thursday, October 04, 2012

7 viewpoints on Asia’s Brand of Leadership: topics from the SHAPE THE WORLD conference

Asia is home to the world’s fastest growing economies, yet many feel that Asian thinking does not shape its markets.

Asian leaders will share ideas in business, design and world affairs at the upcoming SHAPE THE WORLD Conference on Monday, October 22 at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.

“How can our organisations emerge as leaders in this changing business landscape?” asks the conference leaders, “What will it take to seize the mantle of leadership and shape the world socially, politically and economically?”

Here are 7 topics about the role of Asian brands in shaping a new Asia and how a new mindset needs to emerge to truly lead. 

1. What is Asia’s Brand of Leadership? 
Are we prepared for Asia to lead?
Mr Lawrence Chong, Chief Executive Officer at Consulus, Singapore 

2. A New Asia Requires a New Philosophy 
The unique trait of Southeast Asian organisations is our inclusiveness. Can that be relevant in the business world? Instead of rushing to adopt Western business approaches, learn about how Asian values can guide our approach in grooming business leaders.
Prof Dr M Din Syamsuddin, Chairman at Muhammadiyah, Indonesia 

3. Asian Leadership Requires Innovation 
Why is innovation necessary for Asian companies? Understand how to grow your business value chain, increase profit margins and drive overall performance.
Dr Low Lee Yong, Founder and CEO at MHC Asia Group, Singapore 

4. Panel Discussion: How Can We Create More Asian Leaders? 
Asians are known for being good managers, not good creators. To lead the market instead of waiting for the West to create demand, we need to secure talents to grow the enterprise. Hear from a panel of business leaders about how we can create an environment that will attract, nurture and retain leaders throughout the organisation.
Moderator: Mr. Idris T. Vasi, Chief Executive Officer at DST Group, Brunei Darussalam
Prof Dr M Din Syamsuddin, Chairman at Muhammadiyah, Indonesia
Dr Low Lee Yong, Founder and CEO at MHC Asia Group, Singapore
Mr Adrian Mok, Managing Director at Hivelocity Pte Ltd, Singapore
Mr Lawrence Chong, Chief Executive Officer at Consulus, Singapore 

5. Imagining new ways for the Asian Sport 
What is the role of branding in transforming the industry? Hear how a purpose-driven brand has built brand association through leveraging events and experience design.
Mr Adrian Mok, Managing Director at Hivelocity Pte Ltd 

6. Nurturing Leaders within Our Organisations 
Traditional HR investments end up being a large cost when employees you’ve carefully groomed leaves for a rival. Looking at it from a different angle, how can you align personal agenda and motivations with company values to grow talents within? This session will leave you with ideas and tools you will need to develop the leaders your organisation needs.
Ms Helena Pham, Senior Manager at Consulus, Vietnam 

7. Creating a Unique Culture to Drive Business Performance 
Core values are more than an aspiration and can be used to guide human behaviour within the organisation. Learn through case examples how company policies can create an intrinsic motivation for employees to work towards the goals of the organisation and increase business productivity.
Ms Tang Ying Chun, Strategy Manager at Consulus, Singapore

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In October 2008, I was fortunate to receive a Brand Leadership Award from the Asia Brand Summit.  And as I've continued to work with clients all around the Asia Pacific region -- from India, China, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and more -- I have enjoyed the many perspectives on successful brand strategies.

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