Friday, September 28, 2012

5 C’s of "discover" -- and how social media monitoring is applied

On Monday, I posted an article on my agency blog on tools to analyze the social media environment.

I shared some details on the social insights listening methods we can use in each of the 5C’s:
  1.  Category – Document the language used by customers to describe the class, mechanisms of disease, modes of action, and the dynamics of care.  Capture both the words and visuals found throughout social media.  Analyze the frequency of use, as well as the context.
  2.  Competition – Audit competitive online promotions.  Moreover, verify customers’ positives responses or negative reactions (using social media monitoring tools, such as Atlerian SM2 and Scoutlabs).
  3.  Clinical – Compare and contrast how audiences are talking on social platforms.  Uncover opportunities for message clarity about the disease and treatment options.  Monitor products in the pipeline through social reaction to press releases, clinical trial updates, and investor communication.
  4.  Customer – Evaluate forums where like-minded physicians are gathering or patients with similar conditions are interacting.  Identify channels for community management, content planning, and media engagement. Target the diverse stakeholders who are potentially impacting information and decisions of the customers.
  5.  Culture – Assess social exchanges in broader cultural contexts, such as payer environments, practice settings, legal controversies, or patient advocacy positions.
Read more about this, along with a recent example of this kind of listening, on the "Brand Liberator" blog at GSW Worldwide.

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