Friday, July 27, 2012

16 observations from a road trip

I really enjoy a good roadtrip.  And when my mind wanders, I often wonder....

  1. Remember the days before travel plazas and oases – we stopped on side of road (and we LIKED it)
  2. I still get excited at the innovation of iPass and convenience of being accepted in multiple states
  3. Those highway distance signs . . . what are they measuring to? City limits or city center?
  4. I noticed there is specific placement of reflector lights on trucks.  Are there federal laws on light design?
  5. What are the sales in May at year-round Christmas shops in the middle of Indiana?
  6. Hats off (but hard hats on) to the highway maintenance workers picking up blown out tires.
  7. How do blowout tire treads get to the SIDE of the road? Wouldn’t they still be in the MIDDLE?
  8. I’ve been playing with that rear-view mirror slanted lever? How does that work anyway?
  9. My favorite road trip snack is Pop Tarts.  Are the “how to open” package instructions necessary?
  10. How many grooves in the standard 'slow down' grooves they carve into the concrete?
  11. all highway signs are the same design, font, colors, etc. Who makes them? Where are graphic standards?
  12. Those blue signs at exits for food, lodging, fuel. How much to sponsor? Would they take other ads besides services?
  13. What's the hardest food to eat in the car? One hand vs two hands? Spaghetti, gyro, crab legs?
  14. We’ve almost eradicated knuckleheads that refuse to change lanes to let cars merge.  But some remain.
  15. Which is better for driving in central Ohio – night when you can see nothing? Or day when there’s nothing to see?
  16. Why did I complain about $4.19/gal for gas then pay equiv of $6.25/gal for bottled water?

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