Thursday, May 31, 2012

My tree on Erie St.

I have a favorite tree on Erie St. in Chicago that I discovered in the fall of 1993.

I still visit it often to reflect.

Examining it closely, I've seen a small bud, tightly holding a tiny green leaf sleeping snuggly until spring.  

I might be reminded of how the tree will live one day at a time without worry, concern, or complaint.   

During the snow and cold, most passersby wouldn’t notice it.  But in spring when it blooms those leaves, all who walk past will appreciate it and be thankful for its beauty in the sunshine.

I admit that I have even hugged the tree.  A silly sight, if anyone had seen it.  But a sincere gesture meant for all of nature – including human nature.   

"Show appreciation for those you take for granted," I say to myself, "and those who have given you happiness or satisfaction without asking for anything in return. And no matter how cold and bare life may seem now, nature’s way is to bring renewal to all life."

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