Thursday, May 03, 2012

Power Brand Experience: brand engagement through event marketing

The rules of branding are being rewritten in real-time by marketers around the world. What do you do in an economy like this? How do you engage customers?

On the occasion of my 8th year of "BRAND INNOVATION," I'm reflecting back on the changing environment -- connecting with customers requires absolute relevance and complete and total control over the total brand experience. 

Back in 2009, I wrote that "In the event marketing channel, that means finely tuned programs more intricately connected to the overall marketing mix – after all, the sum is more powerful than the parts."

I have proposed that Experiential Marketing be summarized in the four cornerstones of event branding:
  1. Building the anticipation, 
  2. engaging the audience, 
  3. extending the experience, and 
  4. magnifying the impact
It’s more even useful to think of it as face-to-face marketing.  Of course, face-to-face marketing has existed as long as marketing itself and in modern times in a variety of formats, including mobile marketing, trade shows, conferences, street events, and more.  

What’s different now is the requirement to deeply connect, not just speak through these venues and others. 

And that in turn requires a nuanced understanding of what makes for effective experiences that move people to action.

I really appreciate the many clients and colleagues who have help create great brand experiences over the years.

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