Friday, April 27, 2012

Power Brand Experience: 6 steps to successful event marketing plans

On the occasion of my 8th year of "BRAND INNOVATION," I'm reflecting back on some of the important concepts that helped shaped my approach.

At an experiential marketing conference I participated in a few years back, Christopher Kappes, executive vice president of sales at Sparks, offered six key characteristics of an effective event plans. 

They are actionable keys to the brand team’s direction and the agency’s execution of the event.

The new imperative of the shifting market, as well as buyer behaviors, changes everything – and requires brand managers who want to thrive in this new world to innovate their Experiential Marketing from the ground up.

Once the art and science of the TV spot or print campaign or outdoor creative held priority. 

Today, investing marketing dollars effectively means not only understanding the new environment and developing an understanding of how to effectively engage the evolving buyer, but also learning how to apply that knowledge through a new vision of how to architect a marketing plan when your highest opportunity prospect is less likely to see your advertisement, has more choices, and has a louder voice than ever before. 

Enabling the customer to ‘look the brand in the eye’ has become the biggest task.

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