Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspiring creative spaces: Seat 2A on United Airlines

The last time I checked, I've accumulated enough miles on United Airlines to circle the earth more than 36 times. (And that's just one airline.)

But I have had some wonderful views and a few good glasses of wine in the front of the plane.

Here's a sampling from my photo library.

Columbus Airport

Approaching Philadelphia
Over Lake Michigan on approach to Chicago
Landing in Columbus in evening
On runway in Raleigh Durham
Leaving Boise in early morning
Italian countryside, with ocean view, approaching Rome

Landing on a rainy night in Berlin
Above the clouds over Germany
Over Colorado approaching Denver

Snow-capped foothills, landing in Boise

Business Class on Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines in Seoul

Landing in Hainan, China

Taking off from Hainan, China

suburb of Shanghai, China

Sunrise over Lake Michigan, Chicago

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