Tuesday, April 05, 2011

8 Ways to be a good customer

I've written a lot in this blog about brands that create better customer experiences. And about how you can improve your customer service.

But what about improving THE CUSTOMER.  Let's start with ourselves. Here are 8 ways we can be better customers of the brands, stores, and services we use:
  1. Participate in Customer Relationship Systems - Be sure you are on the company's mailing list. Make sure that they have accurate contact information for you. Subscribe to their email newsletter.
  2. Speak Up - If you are a satisfied customer let them know. Write an old-fashioned letter. It's hard to pass around copies of a voicemail or recorded call center call.
  3. Offer Constructive Criticism - If there is a way they can improve a product,service or experience offer them constructive criticism. Even great companies have many areas that can stand improvement.
  4. Link To Them - Of course, I'll assume you have a e-newsletter or a blog. If you like a company or product say so by linking to them and talking about why you like them.
  5. Comment on Their Corporate Blog - show your support for a company or product you like by being active in the community and conversations they\ are fostering on their blogs and newsletters.
  6. Respond to Surveys and Questionnaires - If a business you value asks for your input give it to them. Yes, we're all busy these days but your input might make or break a new initiative that you would value or conversely it might save you pain and loss of time in the future.
  7. Refer a Friend or Colleague - Share your good experiences with your network.What goes around comes around. This is a pathway to discovering new great people to do business with.
  8. Buy Their Product, Service or Experience - Continue to support the businesses you value by being a repeat customer.

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