Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 thoughts on using our N-of-8 creative group tool

Overall, the applications of N-of-8 are many and varied.  So, here are some thoughts on using this creative group innovation model and increasing its benefit to your efforts.

  • Be aware that your brand has a purpose; stay true to it
  • Begin the process of finding the essence behind the innovation; seek meaning
  • Acknowledge the pursuit of new ideas may be a sign of needed change or a warning signal of distraction from the core business
  • Beware of simply restless energy
  • Realize that what you’re listening for may be all you hear; stay open
  • Notice when you feel a need to respond to input; avoid defensiveness
  • Trust the process and be guided by it; don’t force it
    Write a journal of your experiences; share your thoughts and results with others

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