Thursday, January 06, 2011

What does the N-of-8® symbol represent?

N-of-8 is a creative group innovation model for health, science, and technology brands.

It uses the science of "breakout" idea facilitation:
  • An ideal group size -- 8 -- with participants who respect each other’s expertise
  • An optimum timeframe to create productive group interaction
  • A set of proven facilitation tools and technologies to accelerate ideas and capture action steps

In my upcoming book on N-of-8, I share this quote from Herbert Benson, MD and William Proctor, authors of The Breakout Principle:

“More than a numbers game. Each participant recognizes that the others have been chosen not because everyone is the same or naturally compatible, but for the opposite reason -- i.e., because as many participants as possible are quite different from one another and may even be prone to intense disagreements."

When have you experienced a lightning bolt of innovative ideas from a group like this?  Share your story in the comment section.

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