Monday, September 13, 2010

Next stop is "Paulina Station"....

A year ago, Paulina Station was just a stop on the CTA Brown Line with a cool sculpture in the entrance-way.  Now, it's a bustling neighborhood branded with information kiosks and an Innovation Garden.

Last summer, we collaborated with local merchants and the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce to bring our idea to life.  Through a complete community branding initiative, we were able to work together to turn this former passageway, between North Center and Lincoln Park, into a destination.  As a result of our initiatives, kiosks such as this are sprinkled throughout the area, directing visitors to shops, restaurants, and destinations throughout Paulina Station.  This particular kiosk is located right outside of the Brown Line stop, welcoming all to the community.  Thanks again to the team of interns from Stinson Brand Innovation who led this initiative - Norah Tang (now in New York City), Katelyn Phillips (who has continued to work with us on projects the past year), and Kayte Curtis (now working in public relations in L.A.).

The newest addition to the Paulina Station community is what we're calling the Innovation Garden.  Part of the Lakeshore Sculpture Exhibit, this display has transformed a dirt-filled eyesore into a gathering place for conversation and innovation.

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Kayte Curtis said...

Great to hear, Mark!