Friday, June 11, 2010

3D CatholicTV

Our blog post today was submitted (in three-dimensional color) by Katie Pendlay, global designer director for STINSON Brand Innovation.

Growing up Catholic, my brother and I had many interesting ideas on how to make religion more exciting and enticing. Most of these innovative approaches to Catholic teaching were hatched in the parking lot of church, where we would sit listening to the radio with the church bulletin in hand to “prove” we went. Now, I know this is a tad sacrilegious, but among our ideas were “drive-thru churches”…supersize my body of Christ, please. There were also the Sunday morning evangelist television shows, which my mother insists do NOT count. But, I wonder, would 3D CatholicTV count?

CatholicTV® is the first diocesan television station in the world. Under the auspices of then Archbishop Richard Cushing, the station was founded in the 1950s, offering faith-filled, family-friendly programming 24 hours daily. At Catholic Broadband Network®, you can see all CatholicTV original programming and so much more. Of course they also have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog (named “iCatholic”) and iPhone apps.

The latest innovation from the CatholicTV -- 3D video -- is now available, including some of our most popular original series and more! You will need 3D glasses to enjoy these videos.

So, with my daughter’s Hannah Montana 3D glasses in hand, I am pondering why nobody at CatholicTV has thought about branding their own Catholic “vision” 3D glasses.

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