Monday, April 26, 2010

20 sales reps a week still visiting physicians’ offices

According to a new report, 98% of physicians say their offices are visited by up to 20 reps each week from pharma or medical device companies.

Even so, nearly half of physicians say they require or prefer appointments to be made prior to one-on-one meetings.

These findings are available from a newly released SK&A study on Physician Access.

Are practice location, specialty, ownership and office size determinants in physician access? Discover the answers in this complimentary national report.


Mark Stinson said...

By the way, another great report just came out.....

The three-year average of physicians who moved to a new location or practice, retired, or passed away was 15.2%. Such changes can create obstacles to maintaining quality physician targeting lists.

The move rate of physicians has declined from 18.2% in the 2008 reporting period to 12.4% in the 2010 period, indicating recent stability among the specialties surveyed. Allergists/immunologists were among the most stable physicians with an annual change rate of only 7%, while hepatologists were among the most volatile doctors with change rates nearing 20%.

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Anonymous said...

Now, today comes a report......

"Doctor Won't See You Mr. Pharma Rep"

— Number of ‘rep-accessible’ docs falls another 20 percent; ‘rep-inaccessible’ docs increase 50 percent
— Pharmacos respond with more precise sales force deployment strategies

Obtaining access to busy physicians grew still more difficult for pharmaceutical representatives in 2009, as the number of physicians willing to see most reps fell nearly 20 percent, the number of prescribers refusing to see most reps increased by half and the number of management-planned sales calls that were nearly impossible to complete topped 8 million.

These are among the findings of the latest AccessMonitor™, a report from global consulting firm ZS Associates that examines how often physicians and other prescribers will meet with sales representatives from pharmaceutical manufacturers.