Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer event for Employee Well Being

Last Friday, we had a “personalized” company summer event.

Instead of the usual group outing or picnic, I offered employees a half day off to enjoy a summer outing of THEIR choice. Maybe a ball game, the zoo, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, getting an early start to a weekend trip, whatever.

One of our newest team members, Melissa, publishes a weekly internal newsletter, and I wanted to share her article on the day:

Judging by all the positive responses received, it sounds like the first ever Stinson Summer Event ended up being very much appreciated by everyone! Wayne summed it up with, “What a great way to help recharge the batteries in the middle of the year!”

Stinson employees took full advantage of the beautiful day.

“Last Friday, my wife joined me by taking a half day off work and we wanted to enjoy the nice weather. We packed a cooler, took the dog to the lake shore where we enjoyed a picnic and played with our dog at the Montrose dog beach.” -Greg

“Personally, I went home and took a nap. Felt great!” - Chris

Several people also took the opportunity to see the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight.

“I checked out the Dark Knight at the IMAX theatre with a friend - which I never get to do! I was also able to pick up my son early. It was the perfect way to get ready for a BBQ that evening.” -Michelle

Others got to enjoy time with friends. Melanie and Brandy had lunch at the new neighborhood bar, The Pony.

Not only did the 1/2-day off give all of us here at Stinson a time to catch up with friends and family, errands and sleep, but also it contributed to our overall wellbeing – which makes for happier employees and more productive work! As Brian Blank said, “The half day was very beneficial to my being a well-rounded, relaxed employee.”

Everyone enjoyed their day off in several different ways, but we all did agree on one thing: that we should do it again!

Of course, we’ll continue our other team-building and group occasions, but this was a customized experience that folks appreciated.

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