Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

We have already moved to a point where we never leave our phones behind. We have created cell phones that allow us to answer emails when we are not at the office or home. We can even surf the internet without leaving the palm of our hands. Now we are moving to taking our entertainment with us as well – television on our cell phones is simply going too far.

I think the image of Sponge Bob on a Motorola phone says it all: we have moved to a level of disruption in marketing that has breached the wall of good sense.

Imagine a crowded restaurant. The noise level causes you to raise your voice to be heard, which in turn causes those around you to do the same. The resulting cacophony is an environment which is not conducive to group communication. Raising your voice above the din of the crowd is not only impossible, but it is not advisable.

So, when considering your media options, you might use our C.H.E.M. tool:
• Connecting -- fit in their world, not try to disrupt it
• Honest -- utilize your best data, not distort it
• Easy -- simplify communications, not make it more difficult
• Motivating -- show customers how to take action, not demand it

We have the technology available to walk around with our lives in our pockets. I think we’d find the world a better place to live in if just because we can didn’t mean we did.

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