Friday, June 29, 2007

For those of you who think Martians are controlling the airwaves

The Register, an online news source based in the United Kingdom, recently ran a story about a Mars mission reality show being produced. The show will pit a crew of six against 500 days in a sealed simulation environment meant to duplicate the conditions of a real mission to Mars. This sounds like Survivor meets Big Brother with a sci-fi twist.

So where is the innovation in this? How does a television show get props for making a difference? The idea to leverage something that is immensely popular, i.e. reality shows, into something meaningful, i.e. scientific research on what might be the next big human endeavor is sheer brilliance.

If this project, funded largely by the European Space Agency, can skate the razor-thin line between entertainment and value, they will have the opportunity to learn a great deal of valuable information.

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