Wednesday, May 08, 2013

8 eBooks I want to Write ASAP


Creative energy.

Cultivation of relationships.

I don’t simple write books and blogs to educate. Rather it helps me gain (and share) a deeper understanding of subjects.

Here are some ideas I’m working on with deeper value.
  • 8 Best Practices for Brand Story Development
  • 8-Point Check List for Evaluating Brand Innovation Concepts
  • 8 Ways to Introduce New Hires to Your Industry
  • 8 Common Questions about Focus Groups Answered
  • 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Research Report
  • 88 Health & Medical Statistics For Better Decision-Making
  • 8 Experts Share Industry Insights: Learn From The Best
  • 8 eBooks to Write Right Now
Could you contribute to any of these? Let’s collaborate.

What other types of eBooks do you like? Share your suggestions.

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