Monday, January 02, 2012

HEALTH MEGA-TREND #8: a sterilized society

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing highlights from Datamonitor’s global consumer trends report.

As we start a new year 2012, let’s take a lot at another mega-trend shaping global consumers' buying behavior today – with an eye toward how it might continue in the future. 

The research describes our increasingly sterilized society.  This is the escalating obsession with hygiene, cleanliness and immunity.

Here’s three phrases that  epitomize this trend:

  • “Sterilize me” – a focus on boosting self-immunity.  Consumer lifestyles reflect the burgeoning interest in immunity boosters
  • “Healthy nesting” – ensuring hygiene and purity within their living spaces.  Consumers generally recognize the broader health and wellness benefits associated with clean living environments.
  • “Purity values” – personal cleanliness matters, so brand marketers should leverage the wellness factor in the marketing of personal hygiene products.

I enjoying sharing the bigger-picture approach to trend-watching.  I think it helps adopt a broader global perspective to trend-tracking.  For sure, it facilitates better decision making by overcoming category myopia.

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