Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Culture and progress - Dubai shows that you can sustain plenty of both

Dubai has experiences incredible commercialization and immense urbanization as a result of its economic prosperity.

But the city has not abandoned its Emirati heritage.  I learned a lot about that Monday at The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

As I prepare to speak to a global managers meeting on the topic of “change management,” I’ve looked for examples here in Dubai of driving growth while maintaining original value systems.

The socio-cultural foundations of the UAE remain strong, even in the face of fast cars and fast food.  And the traditions of pearl divers is still remembered, even as a green-mermaid-logo coffee shops expand.

As one writer put it, “Perhaps the landscape, lifestyle and demographic has changed enormously in the past few decades but what is inherently Emirati will most likely endure.”

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