Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 traits of the "empowered" patient

HealthCentral partnered with Professor James Burroughs of the University of Virginia, who specializes in marketing and consumer psychology and behavior. Together, they designed a survey to identify traits and habits of a person who feels empowered to take a lead role in managing his or her health care.

Making treatment choices and selecting health care providers are high stakes decisions for people living with chronic conditions.  So, they were asked about:
  • Relationships with doctors
  • Treatment history
  • Social habits 
  • Need for cognition
  • Self-confidence
  • Media preferences
The survey found that people who take a direct role in managing their treatment plan have 4 traits that other more traditional patients lack:
  1. Need for cognition drives the empowered patient
  2. Education, income, source of health insurance had no effect
  3. Empowered patients are leading the way online
  4. This group is the most demanding but the most loyal
Click here to read more detailed findings and commentary.

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