Wednesday, July 07, 2010

6 ideas to help us tap into inspiration (from LiveDynamite)

Cindy Brumm, the chief of staff at Stinson Brand Innovation, writes in today’s blog that no matter how skilled or healthy we think we are, we all need a little help creating and living the most meaningful life possible for us.

“Enthusiasm releases the drive
to carry you over obstacles and
adds significance to all you do.”
–Norman Vincent Peale

Every time I’m feeling discouraged or down, I just head on over to  and soak up their encouragement to develop positive life skills.  I love their tag line – “Get good at living.”

I really enjoyed these tips which center on the fact that when we feel inspired, it’s easy to see what more is possible. According to LiveDynamite, positive emotions lift our spirits, fuel our energy and expand our vision. The more we actively build our enthusiasm the easier life flows, which is why inspiration is a vital part of our daily “life practice.” Inspiration provides energy and breathes life into our vision. It connects us to what’s possible. And the more we nurture it the easier it is to find.

Here are few LiveDynamite ideas to help us tap into inspiration. What ideas would you add to the list to stay filled with enthusiasm?
  • Visit and search for inspiring ideas 
  • Read a book that stimulates your curiosity 
  • Meditate and learn to quiet your mind
  • Create a mix of music you connect with
  • Create a vision board
  • Put inspiration on your calendar.
  • Make time for what matters most.

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