Friday, July 09, 2010

50 Cent and you -- put yourself in a music video with MySpace Fan Video site

Greg Dosmann, brand CHEMist at Stinson Brand Innovation, recently shares today’s blog.

It’s not a social media merger, but MySpace is trying to make itself a central site for entertainment by integrating with Facebook Connect. A nifty MySpace feature called Fan Video allows users to pull in their Facebook profile photos using Facebook Connect, a longtime rival of MySpace. However, this implementation was only integrated as a one-off for Fan Video, and that it is not indicative of a MySpace move to embrace Facebook Connect on a wider scale.

Nonetheless, it’s worth checking out the Flash overlay technology used in this app created by a third party company. Fan Video is letting users get close to their favorite artists by putting them in videos with artists such as 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, and Lost Prophets.  By connecting with either your Facebook or MySpace accounts, the site will generate a video that puts you front and center in music video shots featuring your profile picture. Check out the images below to see my profile picture hanging on 50 Cent’s wall. I’m impressed how seamless the overlay is within Flash and as you can see, the profile picture blends with the natural elements of the scene.

If you want to try this feature out, just visit MySpace Fan Video site, login with your Facebook or MySpace account, select videos from the available music videos of current popular artists and start sharing them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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