Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicago Support Network Seeks to Grow Biotech Companies

An article published recently in the New York Times discusses how iBIO, Illinois biotechnology trade organization is linking researchers and biotech start-ups to resources in order to help them succeed in business.

The East and West coast have long been thought of as the source of technology innovation, but Illinois is demonstrating that they are definitely in the game. iBIO is also working to bring this recognition to Illinois in order to help gain notice of angel investors and venture capitalists to fund these early stage technology companies.  Hosting the BIO International Convention in Chicago this year is also a sign in the right direction. For more information on BIO International Convention, visit

According to their website, iBIO’s mission is to make Illinois and the surrounding Midwest one of the world’s top life sciences centers: a great place to do business, and a great place to grow new technology ventures. 

It is iBIO, in addition to other organizations, that make up this network of resources including Propel, which is a statewide program aimed at training and educating entrepreneurs in Illinois and helping get technology from universities and into tech parks and the industry. 

The article goes on to give examples of companies that have benefited from these programs and also addresses the challenges with start ups in today’s economy.

Click here to read more about the companies featured, iBIO, and their involvement at this year’s BIO International Convention in Chicago (May 3-6, 2010).

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