Monday, January 18, 2010

4 segments of osteoarthritis treatments in India – and how our Brandcare partner in Mumbai created a dramatic launch campaign for Hyalgan

Lupin, a top 10 Indian pharma company, enjoys a strong equity in orthopedics with a product basket of pain management solutions.

So, its decision to expand into the antiarthritic segment represented a challenge.

We were pleased that Lupin selected Brandcare to introduce Hyalgan Injection hyaluronic acid (HA) in India.

The three primary segments of osteoarthritis treatments are quite cluttered, divided into:
  • Pain management (dominated by NSAIDs and pain killers)
  • Disease-modifying (diacerein and combinations)
  • Oral viscosupplements (glucosamine/chondroitin)
The fourth segment, intra-articular viscosupplements, is not well perceived. Our research indicated that orthopedists in India were not satisfied with the results of currently available HA brands because of a perception of unpredictable outcomes. This was due to ambiguities in selecting the timing of its intervention, the degree of disease progression in patients, and the right daltonage of hyaluronic acid.

Our challenge was to overcome the experience to-date with current HA therapy and put the Hyalgan brand on a pedestal that promises predictable results. Compelling scientific data on molecular weights of HA therapies showed that the “right daltonage” of Hyalgan would mimic the original HA in the body. This led to the thoughtful creation of the concept “The Original HA.”

With dramatized imagery like an erupting volcano, the difference between Hyalgan and other HA therapies was brought forth.

Brandcare is a focused brand consultancy and design firm offering strategic and creative cutting-edge solutions in the healthcare segment. Its services include healthcare promotions, medical advertising, exhibitions, and training.

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