Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3-point approach to getting superior results faster

This book review of Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life by Tony Jeary was submitted by our account executive Chris Bodmann.

Jeary’s new book is right up our alley here at Stinson Brand Innovation. With a fast-forward symbol as our logo and a mission to accelerate the adoption of new medical technologies, the idea of getting superior results faster is exactly what we do every day.

In Strategic Acceleration, Jeary follows a three-point approach:
  1. Clarity: Understanding your targets clearly and the “why” behind reaching them (personally and professionally)
  2. Focus: Concentrating on what really matters, and filtering out what doesn’t
  3. Execution: Using effective communication (persuasion) to get things accomplished
Speed is certainly the key to success in the modern world, and Jeary’s new book helps drive that point home.

Read more book reviews and other news about our company in the latest issue of Accelerate.

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