Monday, March 30, 2009

4 hospitals that use design innovation to make it better

Under the headline "Make it better," the exclusive trend magazine Monocle presents Akershus University Hospital with a five-page feature in the February 2009 edition. The article emphasizes that the hospital is created on the principle that good design makes you feel better.

"Hospitals don't have to be cold, clinical places. Danish firm CF Møller Architects lifts spirits with this design for the new Akershus University Hospital, just outside Oslo. It features soaring ceilings, long rows of windows, bespoke furniture crafted in local wood and a collection of art. It's about as far removed from the sterile stereotype as you can get. With its innovative and considered design, Akershus promises to give architecture a healthier image."

Other healthy hospitals featured in Monocle include The Danube Clinic of Tulin, Austria; Tokyu Hospital of Okayama, Japan; and The Ravelo Clinic of Ravelo, Tenerife, Spain.

It's not all about good looks though. The Akershus Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. Pills are delivered to wards via a series of high-speed chutes and a fleet of electronic robots zip around carrying cleaning equipment and medication.

Read more at the CF Møller Architects website:

And there's several books on Amazon, including one just published earlier this year Masterpieces: Hospital Architecture & Design by Christine Nickl-Weller.

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